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The speech of the chairman of the board: Dr. Abouzar Shahpari

The purpose of establishing and running the Housing Cooperative for the employees, doctors and specialists of Nabub is to provide suitable housing in terms of quality and quantity for the entire community of doctors and paramedics in the country. Based on multilateral advantages and with the cooperation, common-mindedness and empathy of cooperative members, we aim to meet the housing needs of doctors and specialists. This cooperative is for improving the project process and speeding up the executive affairs and lowering the costs and increasing the technical and engineering capacity and implementing the project through a joint venture with BIM Tower Builders International Group (BIM) and BIM Commercial Construction and Investment Development Company.


Some of our Services

  • Management, construction and implementation of large projects, in compliance with international standards in the construction of apartments and residential towers in Tehran province with the cost of construction and below the price of the region
  • Helping a better life in order to provide housing for doctors and specialists in order to own a house or to invest at the cost of construction and below the price of the region.
  • Management, construction and implementation of residential projects in the tourist and recreational countries of Turkey, Armenia, Dubai and Greece in the near future.
  • Building medical centers, hospitals and tourist villages and attracting foreign patients and making doctors and specialists shareholders in those medical centers
  • Construction of sports, tourism, entertainment complexes and making doctors and specialists shareholders in all welfare complexes
  • Management, construction and implementation of doctors' villa settlements projects in areas with good weather in the suburbs of Tehran province
Director board

The Board

Members of the board

Dr. Abouzar Shahpari

Head of the Board

Dr. Leyla Vaseghi

Vice Chairman of the Board

Maskan Pezeshkan

Maskan Pezeshkan Cooperative

Housing Cooperative for employees, doctors and experts of Prophethood, emphasizing the expertise, financial power and experience of its board members and the experts of Burj Sazan Bim International Group, and with the comprehensive support of the consortium formed in between, and the assignment of Qarz al-Hasna loans and loans Housing, for residential projects and providing future housing for doctors and specialists by providing installments during the construction period of each project in the form of the finished price and under the price of the region by obtaining the necessary permits from the General Directorate of Cooperatives and competent authorities and institutions by receiving It registers all doctors and specialists with license to operate the practice and medical system card.

All respected doctors and specialists can go to the housing cooperative office by presenting their practice license, medical system card and identification documents, or contact the phone number 021-44924945-7 to receive the terms of registration in the project. We welcome the entry of all doctors, specialists and medical staff to the Housing Cooperative of Employees, Doctors and Specialists of Prophet Khair Moghaddam.


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