According to the news agencies and news bases of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the chairmanship of the Association of Knowledge-based and Elite Centers of Iran fell into the hands of Dr. Abozar Shahpari.

In the first meeting of the board of directors of the head of the association of managers of knowledge-based and elite centers, which was held in the presence of the honorable representative of the Ministry of Interior,

Dr. Abozar Shahpari was elected and appointed as the president of the Association of Knowledge-Based and Elite Centers of the country.

And Dr. Saeed Mohammad was elected and appointed as the vice president.

– Dr. Rezaei, the honorable representative of the Ministry of Interior, in the introduction ceremony of the board of directors, announced the officiality of the elections held according to the commission of Article 10 of the law of associations under the Ministry of Interior, the association of managers of knowledge-based and elite centers of the country will start its activities with the board of directors from today. A committed and experienced person will start under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

Dr. Abozar Shahpari, the new president of the association, announced that this association is one of the arms of the President’s Scientific and Technological Vice-Chancellor by supporting manufacturing, industrial, commercial and service companies based on modern science and supporting, guiding and identifying elites. , inventors, innovators and discoverers step forward.

Shahpari added that one of the other goals of this association is to establish international relations and synergy with other countries of the world in the fields of knowledge base and elites, in order to reach the international standards of the world. and technology and related ministries of other countries and the results will be seen by the audience.

– Dr. Shahpari announced the introduction of 31 provincial offices and 26 specialized committees in the coming month.

– Dr. Saeed Mohammad, as the vice president of this association, added that one of the ways of the country’s progress in the country’s industrial, production and commercial fields is to move towards new sciences and knowledge-based companies and production factories.

– Saeed Mohammad, who has the managerial and executive experience of the country’s mega projects, announced and expressed his full readiness and the board of directors to support the company managers and scientific elites of the country, this association with full seriousness and with plans Purposefully, with the guidance and leadership of Dr. Shahpari, it takes a new step towards the development and progress of the country.

Dr. Saeed Mohammad also announced the monthly meetings of the board of directors and the establishment of the evaluation committee of knowledge-based companies and announced that soon he will announce the membership license and identification card of the managers of the knowledge-based centers under the supervision of this association.

– In the continuation of the meeting of the members of the board of directors as follows:

– Dr. Abozar Shahpari as president, and Dr. Saeed Mohammad as vice president, Dr. Reza Rahmani (former Minister of Peace), Dr. Ali Badraqa (Deputy of New Economy Bank), Dr. Mustafa Jamali Parsa, Dr. Rezaei, as main members Board of Directors, and Mr. Dr. Mohammad Rahim Birqi, Dr. Mehdi Shamsabadizadeh as members of Ali Al Badl, Dr. Rouhi as secretary, and Mr. Dr. Mehdi Safarkhanlou and Dr. Reza Noura as main inspectors, and Dr. Ahmad Ebrahimi as inspector of Ali Al Badl were selected and introduced.

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