Maskan Pezeshkan Cooperative

Providing a suitable place and a safe environment for medical and paramedical community investment


Tower Construction


Road Construction


Entrepreneurship and vocational training


Health & Treatment


The possibility of investing in future projects for prudent investors


Freedom to buy and sell without restrictions


Guaranteed capital with added value


Earning profit in the shortest period of time


Cost management

The Board

The speach of Chairman of the Board

" Dr. Abouzar Shahpari "

The purpose of establishing and running the Housing Cooperative for the employees, doctors and specialists is to provide suitable housing in terms of quality and quantity for the entire community of doctors and paramedics in the country. Based on multilateral advantages and with the cooperation, common-mindedness and empathy of cooperative members, we aim to meet the housing needs of doctors and specialists.

This cooperative was started in order to improve the project process and speed up the executive affairs and lower the costs and increase the technical and engineering capacity and project implementation through a joint venture with the BIM International Group of Tower Builders and BIM Commercial Construction and Investment Development Company has worked and cooperated.


Part of the Cooperative Maskan Pezeshkan

1-Management, construction and implementation of large projects, in accordance with international standards in the construction of apartments and residential towers in Tehran province with the cost of construction and below the price of the region
2- Management, construction and implementation of doctors’ villa settlements projects in areas with good weather in the suburbs of Tehran
3- Management, construction and implementation of projects of luxury villas and apartments and luxury towers for doctors in the northern cities of the country (Mazandaran and Gilan provinces) at the cost of construction and below the regional price.
4- Management, construction and implementation of projects of villas and apartments and residential towers for doctors in the beautiful island of Kish and the beautiful island of Qeshm at the cost of construction and below the price of the region
5- Management, construction and implementation of residential projects in the tourist and recreational countries of Turkey, Armenia, Dubai and Greece in the near future.
6- Helping to live a better life in order to provide housing for doctors and specialists in order to own a house or invest at the cost of construction and below the price of the area.
7- Construction of medical centers, clinics, hospitals and therapeutic tourist villages and attracting foreign patients and making doctors and specialists shareholders in medical centers and hospitals
8- Building sports, tourism, and entertainment complexes and making doctors and specialists shareholders in all welfare complexes

14Years experience
64+Human resources
5+On going projects
Negin Sabz

Negin Sabz project of Gilan

Get familiar with Negin Sabz project

The beautiful area of Komleh is a function of Langrod city in Gilan province. The location of the beautiful roof of Komle, as well as the presence of the Kharma and Belurdkan forest park with springs, rivers and unique summer residences in its vicinity, have given it a heavenly beauty. Villa houses with colorful gable roofs, which are displayed in a lot of green and forest space, have added to the beauty of this city and led to Komle city hosting many domestic and foreign tourists every year.


Distance from beach

The distance from this area to the beautiful beaches of Rudsar and Chamkhane is about 14 kilometers.

Distance from forest

We can consider this place as a forest and it is not far from forest

Komle Lake

1KM distance |This lake is located in the south of Komle city and every year it hosts a number of waterside birds of Gilan province

BIM international holding is hiring :


8 female civil engineer
8 male civil engineer
8 male/female HSE engineer
30 female accountant
10 female financial manager
10 female administrative office manager

10 female secretary
30 sales expert
10 sales manager
10 female servant
15 male driver
15 male guard

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